Approach to Portraiture

My take on portraiture is a divine marriage that draws on my background as a clinical therapist, intuitive, and artist. It is a depiction of your essence as an abstracted whirl of synergy. Sessions occur in my office by Civic Center, or if you would prefer to host, my setup can be mobile as well. My intention with the portraits is to be as transparent as possible, to break down the typical power dynamic between the artist and subject and even that out. The painting lives between us: we sit facing each other and we witness each other. I begin each session with an open eye meditation that gives me a chance to calibrate to your presence and study the colors of your personhood. I like to incorporate some heart centered practices and get introduced to what you're for and what you're passionate about.

The sittings range from being mostly silent to sharing stories, to receiving downloads about you or any energy bodies in the field connected to you. They run for an hour or so. I start the painting as a document of my experience of you. After the sitting, I let the raw piece marinate for a day or two and then go back in and carve out the details. This is all done in watercolor. If there are particular symbols important to you, I will incorporate those in the final polishing. If you would like assistance with developing a personal visual mythology, I am available to find form and voice to that individualized languaging as well.

This is a joy for me and I want this to be accessible. I am open to barter as well. If you feel super called to have a portrait done and are short on funds, please don't hesitate to contact me to consult and see what's possible.